PR campaign: One nation under god

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According to author Kevin Kruse,  the phrases One Nation Under God and In God We Trust are the brand slogans of one of the longest running and most successful grassroots PR campaigns ever run in the United States.  The campaign detailed in Kruse's book One Nation Under God, created the concept of a Christian America [...]

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Storytelling engages, stats sell

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This Orlando Sentinel series puts names and faces to Florida's behavioral health funding crisis. Great storytelling buttressed by excellent data sources like these sway opinion. This interactive series explodes one myth: we don't know anyone living with a behavioral illness. We all know someone. One in five people are affected all over the world. When [...]

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Banishing Dust Bunny Binders

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A number of years ago in a corporate job, strategic plan binders filled an entire shelf in my office. We blue-skied and we wrote up 50 pages of tactical to-do lists. We were headed in the right direction, but we missed the target because we added every possible strategy plus the kitchen sink. The plan [...]

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