Rout the forces of hate

//Rout the forces of hate

Rout the forces of hate

Thoughtful article in the Tampa Bay Times today from Jane Darby Menton quoting her great grandfather, Florida Governor LeRoy Collins.

“That all men are created equal is not an empty cliché. It was not put in our Declaration of Independence by Jefferson merely to stir our revolutionary forces to greater sacrifice. It is a mighty idea that is the keystone of our nation’s whole meaning and perpetual commitment. It is the basic idea that supports the dignity of man as an individual. It is an idea that can never be stopped. Not by custom — not by prejudice — not by hate — not by murder — not by armies — not by any mortal force. It may be thwarted. It may be delayed. Its triumph may be at great cost and sacrifice. But it will keep coming on and on, for it has the invincibility of simple truth, justice and right.”

Earlier today, I listed to Dr. Susan McManus, distinguished professor of government and international affairs at University of South Florida, give Rotarians the download on what she accurately predicted would be a 1% election result in Florida. “For Floridians, this was an election of toos. Too long, too nasty and too expensive.” Dr. McManus pointed out that two-thirds of middle class Floridians feel financially unstable. They voted for change rather than more of the same.

Business takeaway

Dear CEO, polarizing politics can and do spill into the workplace. Heck, forget about national politics. Company politics can play havoc with your growth trend and your bottom line. Whenever there are two diverging points of view, conversations are avoided, doors shut, people stop talking when someone enters the meeting room. Fix it by finding a big common goal both sides can agree on and can work toward together. Celebrate the milestones and cap it off with a fun team event when you reach the goal. Do it now.

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