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Let’s whiteboard your game plan together.

The playing field is the same for businesses that live by direct client choice or by referral networks. Only the game plan changes.

According to the New York Times, “Anywhere the eye can see, it’s likely to see an ad.” Your message has to be interesting, authentic and relevant to break through. After you get someone’s attention, your target customer has to see your call-to-action seven to 11 times before they act.

A two-pronged content marketing plan that rewards your existing fans and targets potential customers is the best game plan. We will help you layer digital, print and PR strategies based on your ideal customer’s wants and wishes.

It is possible and affordable to identify exactly what most interests your perfect customer and deliver it to them where and when they want it. It’s possible to measure engagement from your Facebook and throughput to new customer conversion. It’s possible to measure friend raising.

Let’s talk.