Branson’s leadership in crisis

//Branson’s leadership in crisis

Branson’s leadership in crisis

When VirginGalactic’s ship exploded in the desert, Richard Branson went immediately to the site to support the team. His tweets and comments to the media were respectful of the victims, the team and sent out regularly enough to keep media up to date. This was not chance! It was planned, in advance, and very thoughtfully. Every word hit the right note–honest, sincere and trustworthy.

Viva la Nomad’s analysis is spot on.

The takeaway for corporate leaders: plan everything you are going to say and what you’re going to do for the first 24 to 72 hours after the three most likely crisis scenarios for your company. If you need counsel, hire counsel. They will help you select the scenarios and ask you the tough questions victims, your employees, regulators, the public and the media will want to know.


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